Coming Easter, 2014!

An animated Musical adventure through dimensions of time and space-time space! Join the robot Bunny, brought to artificial life and debatable intelligence by a Gates-Compatible virus, as he unravels a plot of treachery and deceit perpetrated by none other than THE ULTIMATE VILLAIN of the KNOWN UNIVERSE, and Earth! Armed with only his friends, Gunny, Faye and Ganesha by his side and a Slayer-worthy guitar in his hand, Bunny sets out to save the universe - if only to destroy it personally at a later date. Did I phrase that right? Because “destroy it robotically” just doesn’t… okay nevermind!

Boo Bunny Plague is a comedy action adventure musical game taking place across multiple dimensions and featuring a storyline with musical numbers. Yes, that's right! It IS a Musical!


•Single player action/adventure through a planned 7 levels of fun and mayhem.
•Humorously entertaining cinematic storyline with musical numbers.

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